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October 2023

Thursday 5 October 2023

Guided Improv Morning Flow with Harley O'Neill

Thu 5 Oct, 8-9:15 am. Flow Space Yoga and Arts, 117 NW 16 Avenue, Gainesville. Astarte Tzighan. Aurora Healing Arts - [facebook][email][events]

$20 drop-in (included in our memberships and class packs)

Link to sign up for Harley's class: flow-space-gnv.as.me/?appointmentType=51779402

Link to our full schedule: www.flowspacegnv.com/class-types

Wake up your body and feel energized for your day through dance-based facilitated improv.

This class starts gentle and takes you on an energetic arc similar to Ecstatic Dance, but with carefully placed prompts and cues to explore various mindful movement and dance techniques.

Come stretch out, roll around, and power pose until you are feeling inspired for your day ahead.

This offering is for all who are interested. No dance experience is necessary, only an open mind and a willingness to share respectful space with others.

And, this may be a great choice for ecstatic dancers curious about choreographical and dance/movement therapy terminologies.

When practiced regularly, somatic movement that centers the mind-body connection has the power to transmute emotional tension and release stress, alleviate anxiety, and positively impact things like posture, flexibility, range of motion, balance, and coordination.

You will be encouraged to create meaningful relationships with these parts of their bodies, and fill up your own cup first, before setting off into your day and giving to the rest of the world.

Wear whatever you are comfortable stretching in. Self-massage or strengthening tools like foam rollers or therabands are welcome and will be encouraged during specific parts of the class.

Harley O’Neill is a movement coach, artist, and producer with a demonstrated history of being on film and media sets. She has a B.A. in History, a B.S. in Telecom Production, a M.A. in Arts in Medicine, and is currently a Dance/Movement Therapist in training.

She has been a touring performer, instructor, and choreographer with artists and companies like Pussy Riot, Liberate Artists, Turn It Up! Dance Challenge, Contest of Champions, Alowiza, and others.

She is a dancer-in-residence with UF Health Shands in Gainesville, Florida, where she teaches community classes for aging elders as well as people with neurological movement disorders such as Parkinsons and MS.

She runs the arts advocacy and wellbeing organization Spatially-Fed, using the power of the arts and her own artistic facilitation for research, arts advocacy, festival production, and project management to drive forward messaging and action on equitable community health initiatives.
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