The Solution to a 1,000 Year Old Problem


November 2023

Friday 3 November 2023

Somatic Shamanic Shake with Alicia Michelle

Fri 3 Nov, 6-7 pm. Flow Space Yoga and Arts, 117 NW 16 Avenue, Gainesville. Aurora Healing Arts - [facebook][events]

1st Fridays
6:00-7:00 pm
at Flow Space
$25 pre-sale
$30 door

Journey into the realms of primal shaking and shamanic trance.

Shaking is a primal instinct observed in wild animals after a life-threatening event. They shake to release tension and trauma, and return to balance.

Yet, we have been socially conditioned to be calm, cool, and collected. Which sadly means we’re suppressing a LOT of our wild impulses.

The voyage begins with intentional somatic exercises, gently anchoring you into the sanctuary of your internal self. Nurturing and regulating your nervous system, and paving the way for a full-body shake experience.

And then we shake.

Shake to re-wild and un-tame our natural impulses.
Shake to cast off suppressed experiences that live in the body.
Shake to unlock boundless reservoirs of trapped energy within.

Your hips and core, revered as the sanctuaries of untapped potential, will be a main focus, so YES - you will be twerking.

And so much more…

As the rhythmic cadence of your shake journey reaches its zenith, a shamanic drumming ritual awaits, guided by the pulse of a black earth drum. Inviting you to delve into altered states of consciousness and harmonize your essence with the universal heartbeat.

From this state, we will ground and integrate the experience through intentional journaling, allowing your awakened spirit to inscribe its revelations on the pages of your soul.

Prepare to unleash your spirit in ways unforeseen, as each movement is an invocation of the sacred energy residing within you.

Your invitation to primal awakening beckons – will you heed the call?
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